Heartland Outdoor Trophy Hunts is a family owned business in Northeast Kansas dedicated to providing quality fair chase hunts for whitetail deer and turkey. It is operated by brothers John H. D. Holloway and Mick Holloway, who are descendants of a long line of hunters, fishermen, and outdoors-men.

Heartland Outdoor Trophy Hunts has opened its land to semi-guided and self-guided hunts with muzzle-loader, archery, and modern gun. The Holloway brothers’ emphasis is toward providing quality bow hunting opportunities for the serious bow hunter. We also have areas available and well-suited for the modern gun or muzzle-loader that provide the opportunity to take one of these magnificent Kansas whitetail bucks.

We constantly monitor our properties to maximize the numbers of our high quality whitetail deer and turkey. These properties are also adjacent to quality deer and turkey habitats that support substantial numbers of both species. 2010 was the first time this land was available to hunters other than family members so hunting pressure has been minimal. Some very good whitetails have been taken from our lands and the turkey population has been hunted very little.

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